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Posted on Oct 27, 2015 by George Penny

Built for endurance
After winning the Suzuka 8 Hour race, Bradley Smith tells us how the hell he can go for so long.

The Workouts
“A lot of my training is based around cycling and running because the biggest thing for endurance is cardiovascular. The fact that my heartrate is going to be really high for a lot longer than I’m used to means I need to build that resilience up early. To do that, I do quite a lot of back-to-back training and layering on the stress loads with weights. The key is not going at max capacity but keeping the intensity around 75-80 per cent to try to replicate the levels I’m going to be at during the race.” 

The G's
“I think swimming a lot in the run-up to the race is essential to preparing for the demands the race will have on my body. If you think about the G-force that goes through my body, there are times I’m braking so hard that I can’t physically get any oxygen into my body. If I’m just running and cycling, I will have that constant air supply available to me, whereas with swimming, I’m only breathing every three or four strokes, which replicates what happens during the race.” 

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