Ironmate: The Complete book of Triathlon Training

Posted on Apr 02, 2012 by George Penny

Want to find out about Bradley's Trainer and how to get fit, understand the importance of the correct timing of nutrition, then look no further. Bradleys Trainer (Ironmate Mark) has published his book called "The Complete book of Triathlon Training"

30 Years of experience all in one book.
This book tells you where to start and what to do for all abilities fitness and distances. Once you understand what type of person you are you can progress to the next level. It is not just for the triathlete but anyone wishing to improve their fitness and knowledge.

In this frenetic world we live in, when time is at a premium, this book tells you what to consider with each training session & how to progress to be the best you can. How to construct your own training programme & evaluate your training to improve.

All aspects of Training, Racing, Recovery, Nutrition, Mental Preparation, Key Workouts to get you ready for your next training session or competition.

From Start to Finish - Sprint Triathlon - Olympic Distance  Middle and Ironman Triathlon. 
Race day Time Table - What to eat and drink and think about. Whatever your chosen sport.
Training stress level points system, the proven formula.  

A-Z of Triathlon
30 Years of experience all in this book.
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