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Posted on Jan 25, 2014 by George Penny

Bradley goes back to his roots, with an article in the Febuary edition of DBR Magazine. 

Bradley Smith:
"There is no way that I could stop riding motocross, I can go a period of time without riding and focus just on the race track and my MotoGP bike but riding motocross is my passion. Motocross is what gets my heart going and brings back that buzz of racing. It can also be a supplement for the weekends when we’re not at a GP.”

"One thing I love about motocross is jumping and that’s the one thing I miss the most from road racing – doing big tabletops or doubles. But when I go to the track I don’t mess about too much. I will usually do timed motos that vary on what we’re trying to achieve, I don’t usually ride for more than an hour so maybe four fifteen minute motos or maybe a 30, 20 and a 10"

DBR (Dirtbike Rider) Magazine is available in all good newsagents.

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