At Jerez with Racedays

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Hi Everyone,

Well, it's been an eventful end of the season, and although racing finished on November 7th, I have still been kept on my toes throughout this month.

I have been out to the South of Spain this week trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the 4 stroke bike. Dad, Andy and myself headed from Oxford to Stansted on Sunday evening with Jerez as our destination.

Riding at the Jeremy McWilliams Racedays School for the second successive year was a pleasure. The sun was shining, and with plenty of track time, I was in my element. Now I have to say, riding a bike that had not got the best technology that money can buy was a little strange, but having the bike flick sideways down the gear box into the corner was something I did enjoy a lot.

Also making this trip with us was Ryan from Revolution signs, and his friends Darren and James. The back and forth banter was something that caught me off guard sometimes, but my school days helped me to fight back, and I was soon giving as good as I got. My stomach muscles now hurt from laughing so much the past 3 days!

On Day 1, I was doing laps on Dad's 600 and soon got to grips with Jerez, and although the brake points are all in different places, the circuit is still like I remembered.

On Day 2, I was lent Ryan's 1000 to do the 2hr endurance race. Now I have never been one to get nervous, but for the first 2 laps I was extra careful. Riding something with so much power for the first time was a great experience. Big wheelies, big slides, and a  few near moments were all part of the learning experience.

Unfortunately it rained on the final day, but Ryan stepped up to the plate and showed us how it's done. One thing I like about being out of season is that I can be picky as to when I ride and when I don't.

The journey home was eventful. Our 22.15 flight was delayed because of fog, and at 00.30 we were then told that our flight had been cancelled. Teamwork was in order, mobile phones at the ready, and away we went! My Dad called Mum and she was on flight booking, Ryan was on car rental duty, James was on more flight booking and Andy, Darren and I were the baggage carriers. Finally we got to Gibraltar at 4.00am, into the hotel for 5hrs sleep, then on a flight back home.

M25 traffic topped everything off on the way back and just made me realise what a lucky person I am, and what a great time we had.

Thanks to all the guys for a great 3 days, and I look forward to the next trip.

Until then, I have 2 more days of testing on the Moto2 bike on the 29th and 30th so keep a look out on my Twitter, Facebook and website for updates.

Bradley #38

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