Tech3 Insight - Part 4: The Communications Team

Posted on Jun 21, 2014 by Monster Yamaha Tech 3

In the current age of MotoGP the Monster Yamaha Tech3 team does not just have to be fast on track, but also the communications side needs to run seamlessly and proficiently. To organise and coordinate this there is another ‘team’ than the one seen in the garage. This other squad is the communications team whose roles will be examined in this ‘Insight’ to illustrate the relentless efforts of the four members to guarantee success on the track.

Before a suitcase has even been packed for any member of the Tech3 team, the rider’s schedules need to be coordinated. This schedule certifies that the riders have a plan of action with regards to global media requests, events for sponsors, signing sessions with fans as well as structuring their busy weeks. Milena Koerner is the Tech3 team’s communication & press coordinator who efficiently handles this highly significant role and is present at every Grand Prix on the calendar. Cardinal tasks include coordinating all guest and sponsor accreditation to the event, organising sponsor requests such as rider appearances as well as supervising all press or media enquires. The communication & press coordinator also crucially oversees all activities for the guests at the events, pit tours and the pre event guest documentation to guarantee satisfaction for the guests.

A series of bespoke and high quality graphics need to be constructed for the guest documentation. The Tech3 team’s graphical designer Jerome Vannesson skilfully performs this duty. His supreme talent in the graphics department sees him creating, manipulating and overseeing all of the graphical representations for Tech3. Most significantly the designer creates the designs and layout of the MotoGP and Moto2 bikes ensuring that the spirit of the sponsors is present plus the logos are at maximum visibility. He must also create the graphics for the pit box set up, the team’s trucks, the clothing, rider’s leathers, official website, plus the press release graphics and layout, producing the best representation of the team through his dedicated work.

The press releases are constructed by the assistant press officer, Wil Moody, who attends all European Grand Prix races. The team member creates all written text articles for the Tech3 Team, which means press releases, the behind the scenes text documentaries, all written website information as well as any other copy writing duty that requires completion. In addition, the team’s social networks such as Twitter and Instagram are overseen by the assistant who supports the communication coordinator with this duty. 

The final member of the Tech3 Communications Team is the reliable and experienced web master Axel Raynal. For this highly significant role, he oversees every single aspect of the team’s website ensuring that it remains fully functional and visually appealing. The website receives thousands of views per week and the web master is required to perform media uploads, security, maintenance, updates, new features and overseeing the entire mailing system. The highly skilled web master’s expertise guarantees the hugely popular website always provides the essential Tech3 information.

Each of the four members of the communications team and their niche skills work as one and as a unit to guarantee that every task is undertaken proficiently. They proudly pull together to perfectly blend creativity and experience, thus covering all corners of communication for both Tech3 teams.

The following documentaries in the ‘Insight’ series will give further exclusive access behind the scenes of the Tech3 team. 

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